Wake up refreshed

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to natural light instead of being startled from a deep sleep by the blare of your alarm? Remember how good you felt on those mornings when you naturally woke up a few minutes before your alarm went off? That’s because when you wake up naturally, your mood improves, you have more energy throughout the day and you even sleep better at night.

The problem is that most of us close our blinds at night for privacy. Automated blinds you program to open and close when you choose, allow you to slowly and naturally wake up from the morning light coming through your window.

The science behind waking to natural light

It’s simple. Your body’s internal clock responds to sunlight and darkness. You’re wired so that morning light tells your brain it’s daytime. That’s why it’s much easier to get out of bed and face the day when the sun is shining.

When your alarm blares in a dark room, your brain is still in sleep mode.  However, if you open up your blinds and let the sunlight in, your brain begins to realize that it’s time to wake up. If, like a sunrise, the lighting in your room steadily gets brighter, your body has time to gradually respond, naturally waking and feeling more refreshed.

By waking to sunlight instead of your alarm, your brain will start to associate light with waking up. You’ll wake at the end of a completed sleep cycle instead of being jarred from deep sleep, leaving you groggy all day. And because of your natural sleep/wake cycle, waking up to sunlight in the morning helps you fall asleep and stay asleep at night. You’re actually programming your brain to associate sunlight with wake time and darkness with sleep. The benefit is an uninterrupted and healthy sleep pattern.

Alarm Clock

Say goodbye to your alarm

If you’re ready to trade your alarm for naturally waking up with the sun, it’s simple and affordable. In just two minutes the blinds you already love in your home can be retrofitted with the Sunsa Wand, upgrading them to smart blinds. Using the SunsaHomes app you can program your blinds to open thirty minutes (time may vary by individual) before you want to wake. You can also control your blinds from anywhere, anytime using your phone. At home, just use Amazon Alexa and tell your blinds what to do.

Smart Blinds are like your very own natural alarm. Now you can start every day feeling well rested and ready to take on the world!