60% of the market uses manual blind wands; now users can automate and schedule their
existing blinds for optimal comfort, health and energy savings; available for pre-order

BALTIMORE, Maryland–(August, 2020 )– Sunsa , creator of the first retrofit smart wand solution
for manual blinds, is releasing the company’s flagship product, the Sunsa Wand . The Sunsa
Wand allows users to control manual blinds from anywhere. It is compatible with any existing
window blind model, including horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, and mini-blinds and operates
automatically through the smartphone and/or integrations with smart home technologies like
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It installs on existing blinds in under two minutes with no
special tools and without damaging the blinds. Consumers get the exact same benefits of
expensive high-end blinds systems, without the cost and without having to replace existing

”Imagine your blinds opening up in the morning so you wake up to natural light, and then closing
at night for privacy,” said Adam Zilberbaum, Founder of Sunsa. ”The Sunsa Wand operates on
your schedule with your preferences. From lights to locks to thermostats, most things in the
house can easily be automated, except horizontal, vertical, and mini-blinds. With Sunsa, we set
out to fix this with a simple, smart, retrofit solution that allows your blinds to be automated and
respond to your voice or be controlled via your mobile app.”

Cool Features Include:

  • Scheduling via Mobile App. Automatically open and close blinds anytime. Wake up to
    natural light, close at night for privacy or make it look like someone is home when you
    are away.
  • Voice Control. Integrates with smart home technologies including Amazon Alexa and
    Google Assistant, which allows blinds to be activated with voice, making it part of the
    smart home ecosystem.
  • Grouping. Want to close all the blinds in your house at the same time? No problem. No
    limit to the number of groups you can have and blinds can be in multiple groups.
  • Power Options. Several power options. It can be powered by four AA batteries (that last
    a year), by an optional Solar Adapter or DC wall adaptor.
  • Saves Money on Energy Bills. Using light and Temperature Sensors, the Wand detects
    light and temperature to automatically adjust blinds to help save on energy bills.
  • Manual Usage. Blinds can still be used manually.

The Sunsa Wand is now available for pre-order at an early-adopter discount of $84 USD (retails
at $119 USD) with estimated shipping early in 2021. The campaign has already exceeded its
goal by 280% and is open to pre-orders.

About Sunsa
Sunsa is the leader in smart wand solutions for the blinds industry. Their mission is to build
affordable retrofit products for opening and closing manual blinds conveniently via smartphone
and smart home technology. Founded in January 2019, this company launched its flagship
product, the Sunsa Wand, the first-ever motorized retrofit solution for manual blinds, in March
2020. Sunsa is based in Baltimore, Maryland, and San Clemente, California.